Housing Problem Solving Partners 

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If you live in Douglas or Sarpy counties in Nebraska or Pottawattamie county in Iowa and are experiencing a housing crisis or housing instability, one of these organizations can help you problem solve and in some instances may be able to provide housing related financial assistance. 


If you don’t qualify for federal emergency rental assistance and would like to talk about housing problem solving, you can connect with any of these organizations to discuss other options to help you remain in your current home and prevent homelessness.

Housing problem solving may include can also help those with mortgage related needs and does not require citizenship or legal residency to participate.

Click here to download a list or visit the websites of these organizations. Each of these organizations has the same access to Housing Problem Solving Flexible Funds that may be used for housing related assistance to those who qualify.  Housing Problem Solving includes a conversation to discuss your housing related needs and possible solutions.  Having the housing problem solving conversation is not a guarantee of financial assistance.

Eligibility for financial assistance may vary based on available funding.