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Frequently Asked Questions


[CLICK HERE] Who is eligible for the City of Omaha – MACCH ERAP?

You are likely to be eligible if you answer YES to all of these questions:
Are you a renter with a current residential lease or rental agreement and your name is on
the lease or rental agreement?

Do you live in the city limits of Omaha? Check your address here: https://apps.dogis.org/

Are you a United States citizen or legal resident alien?

Is your household at or below 80% of Area Median Income for the Omaha metropolitan

At least one person in the applicant’s household has had a negative financial impact directly or
indirectly related to COVID-19 (you do not need to have been infected by COVID-19 to
qualify). Examples include, but are not limited to:

You were laid off or your employer closed their business

Your employer reduced your hours

You were self-employed and lost business due to COVID-19

You were not able to work because you were caring for someone sick from

Your household had increased medical bills due to COVID-19

You were not able to work due to lost childcare or distance learning, etc.

Incurred significant costs

Received unemployment

You have a risk of homelessness or housing instability.

An overdue or past due rent or utility notice

An eviction notice or formal notice to quit or vacate your housing

Unsafe or unhealthy living conditions or other type of risk. Examples include, but
are not limited to:

Living in a property that has environmental concerns like mold

Living in a property that has failed an inspection or does not meet city code

Forgoing important things like food in order to pay your rent

Leaving an unsafe situation like domestic violence, partner violence, stalking,
or human trafficking.

[CLICK HERE] Is the City of Omaha – MACCH ERAP able to help those with mortgages?

mortgage and utility assistance for homeowners is not eligible under the
City of Omaha – MACCH ERAP. For mortgage assistance, please visit

[CLICK HERE] What is the City of Omaha – MACCH Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)?

The City of Omaha – MACCH ERAP makes funds available to eligible renters who have been
financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and need assistance with:

Past due and/or future rent

Past due and/or current utilities

All applications are subject to income qualification. These funds will be paid directly to
landlords and utility providers on behalf of renters.

[CLICK HERE] Will a specialist call me after I complete my application?

Maybe. If the specialist reviewing your application needs more information they will contact you
via text or email.

After you complete your application you will receive a confirmation number via email from
Apricot Software Alerts. Be sure to check your junk and spam folder. Your specialist will
always verify your confirmation number before asking for documents or personal information.

[CLICK HERE] How long will it take for my application to be approved?

Due to the number of applications that have been received, it is possible it will take 6-8 weeks
for an approval decision to be made regarding your application.

If you have an eviction hearing notice, please contact Legal Aid of Nebraska at +1(888) 991-9921 or visit
www.legalaidofnebraska.org. If you have a utility shut-off notice, please contact your utility
provider to discuss a payment plan and call 211 for other possible resources.

[CLICK HERE] What types of assistance can the City of Omaha – MACCH ERAP help me with?

You may apply for rent (both back rent and up to three future months) and any
late fees associated with your rent.

Utilities that are overdue (electric, water, sewer, trash, home energy costs) that are
paid directly to a public utility and any associated late fees.

[CLICK HERE] Is there a maximum dollar amount of assistance?

The City of Omaha – MACCH ERAP reserves the right to institute a maximum amount,
prioritize applications, or limit the types of assistance based on fund availability.

[CLICK HERE] You are not eligible for ERAP funding if:

You do not live within the city limits of Omaha check your address at this website:

You no longer reside at the address for which you are applying.

You are not a U.S. citizen or legal resident

Your name is not on the lease


[CLICK HERE] If I receive other ongoing housing assistance or subsidies (such as Housing Choice Vouchers/Section 8, public housing) for my rent, can I still apply?

Yes, however you may only apply for the amount of monthly rent that you directly pay your
property owner. If your income has changed, you should report this to the entity providing your
subsidy to make sure you have an accurate calculation of the monthly portion you pay.

[CLICK HERE] If I leave my apartment after future months of rent have been paid, can I use that money to move somewhere else?

No, you must be currently residing in the rental unit for which you request assistance. If you
move out of a rental unit after months of future rent have been paid, the landlord or property
owner is required to reimburse that money directly back to MACCH.

[CLICK HERE] Call 211 if :

You are unable to upload documents
You need help completing the application

You are unsure if you are eligible or if you have any other questions regarding ERAP

[CLICK HERE] What types of documents should I have available to complete my application?

Photo ID if the address on your photo ID does not match the address on your application
you will also be required to provide

Utility bill in your name or a household member’s name

OPPD or MUD shut-off or disconnect notice (if you are applying for this type of

Proof of current income of all household members over the age of 18 (such as IRS Form
1040 for the year 2021, W2 for 2021, two payment cycles of pay stubs, unemployment
claim showing total amount awarded.)

[CLICK HERE] If someone rents from a relative, can that person still apply for assistance?

Yes, they may still apply for the City of Omaha – MACCH ERAP assistance. We will take
additional steps to verify the property ownership, the validity of the lease, and all other eligibility
criteria must still be met.

[CLICK HERE] What if I cannot upload the required documents?

When we review your application, if everything in your packet is completed except the uploaded
verification documents, a specialist will help you with alternative options to provide the required


If you do not have the required documentation, please complete the attestation statements that are included in the application.


If you cannot upload verification documents they
can also be faxed to MACCH at 402-939-0398, emailed to
omahaerap@endhomelessnesstoday.org, mailed to the address at the end of this document, or
be dropped at a locked drop box at any Omaha Public Library.

[CLICK HERE] What if I do not have an email?

Please create an an email so that you can receive automatic updates on the status of your
application and so that you can have ongoing access to your application within our portal. You
can set up free email accounts with Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. If you are not able to set up an
email, our Specialists will work with you on alternative ways to provide us with information,
such as phone calls, texting pictures of documents, mailing information, etc. Please note that if
you do not have an email, this process may take longer.

[CLICK HERE] What if I do not have internet, a computer, or a smart phone to complete the application?

Visit a location with free internet access and/or computers such as a public library. If you do not
have any way to complete the application online, you can complete the initial portions of the
application over the phone by calling 211. There will be some forms you have to sign, and these
can be mailed to you or they are also available near the locked drop boxes at any Omaha Public

[CLICK HERE] Is it okay if someone else helps me complete my application?

Yes, if you have a friend or family member, case worker, or someone else you know help you
complete the application or complete it on your behalf. There will be a place in the application
for them to include their contact information and your contact information in case we have

[CLICK HERE] If I help someone complete their application packet, how will they sign the certification and authorization statements?

If you are helping someone complete the application packet and they themselves cannot
electronically sign the Citizenship Attestation or certification statements found on the Fund
Request, you can still submit that form. Later, a specialist will contact that individual and send a
link to a form that can collect the signature or direct them to the local libraries to get the form
signed. These documents are also available at any Omaha Public Library.


[CLICK HERE] Do I need to tell my property owner, landlord, or property manager that I have applied for the City of Omaha – MACCH ERAP?

Yes, there is only one application per address so please let them know that you have applied. As
part of your application, you will need to provide us with an accurate phone number and email
for your property owner. After you have completed the initial portions of your application, an
email will be automatically generated and sent to your property owner.

They will have additional information to provide within the application. An application is not considered complete until
both the tenant and property owner portions have been completed. The landlord can also call 211
to verify that you have completed an application.

[CLICK HERE] What type of documentation is required from a property owner, landlord, or property manager?

You will be required to set up a one-time vendor profile that will include your legal business
name, address, remittance address, business type, proof of ownership, and required W-9
information for tax reporting purposes. You can set up your vendor profile at any time by visiting
macchconnect.org and following the instructions for property owners.

[CLICK HERE] Can my property owner, landlord, or property manager apply on behalf?

Yes, property owners, landlords, or property managers can initiate an application on behalf
of their tenant. However, they will be required to get your signature on a permission form prior
to doing so. You are not required to sign the document. Please remember only one application
per address so if you have already started an application, please let your property owner know.
You can request a copy of this form from your property owner after you have signed it. After
they complete their portion, you will be notified, typically be email, that an application has been
initiated by your property owner. You will need to complete your portion of the application and
provide verification documents prior to approval.

[CLICK HERE] Where can a property owner, landlord, or property manager find the permission form to initiate an application on behalf of their tenant?

The permission form can be downloaded from our website, macchconnect.org. Please retain a
copy of the completed form your records. You will be required to upload that document into your
portion of the application in order to proceed on behalf of a tenant.

[CLICK HERE] What happens if a tenant leaves for any reasons and the program has already paid for future rent?

The property owner must agree to allow the tenant to remain in the property for the duration of
time rent is pre-paid. If the tenant leaves the unit during the time when rent has been pre-paid, for
any reason, the property owner will reimburse the program for the remaining period that has
been paid for.

Checks should be made payable to: Metro Area Continuum of Care for the Homeless with the
tenants name in the memo line, and mailed to:

Attn: City of Omaha – MACCH ERAP
Metro Area Continuum of Care for the Homeless

6001 Dodge Street, Suite 117

Omaha, NE,68182

(Due to all MACCH staff working remotely, we will not accept dropped off payments. This is a
mailing address only.)

[CLICK HERE] What happens if I receive duplicate funds?

If a tenant or property owner receives funds for rent that has already been paid through a separate
assistance fund or housing subsidy for any reason, the money provided through the City of
Omaha – MACCH ERAP program must be refunded.

Checks should be made payable to: Metro Area Continuum of Care for the Homeless with the
tenants name in the memo line, and mailed to:

Attn: City of Omaha – MACCH ERAP
Metro Area Continuum of Care for the Homeless

6001 Dodge Street, Suite 117

Omaha, NE, 68182

(Due to all MACCH staff working remotely, we will not accept dropped off payments. This is a
mailing address only.)


Any determination of fraudulent activity or inaccurate information will require the return of awarded funds. Fraudulent activity or knowingly providing inaccurate information may lead to additional legal action. If there are questions about property ownership, it will be verified on the Douglas County Assessor website or additional mechanisms through the City of Omaha.