COVID-19 Related Rental & Mortgage Assistance – No Longer Accepting CARES Applications

MACCH is no longer accepting CARES applications for rental or mortgage assistance.  Financial assistance for 2021 is NOT available at this time.  Please check this website for future updates. Current applications are still being processed and an application is not a guarantee of assistance.  MACCH will not have information about the status of your application with other organizations.  If you’re currently homeless or at immediate risk of homelessness, you may be able to receive some housing related financial assistance from our Housing Problem Solving Partners If you’re currently homeless and need to connect to an emergency shelter or street outreach, please talk with one our community Access Points.

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Utility Assistance

If you are having difficulty paying your utilities, some communities have energy assistance resources available. Please note the MACCH does not provide utility assistance.

Douglas County, Nebraska
Dollar Energy Fund apply for OPPD and MUD related assistance.

Pottawatamie County, Iowa West
Central Community Action for utility assistance.

Other Areas
If you live in another area, contact your utility company for additional energy and utility assistance programs. You may also qualify for economic assistance programs in your state.


Connect to our Partner Organizations for Housing Problem Solving & Coordinated Entry

In times of need we have each other

If you're currently homeless or at risk of homelessness and live in Douglas, Sarpy, or Pottawattamie counties, connect with one of our coordinated entry access points to learn about homeless services in our area, connect you to a shelter, or connect you to a street outreach program. A coordinated entry access point may also conduct an assessment that is required for supportive housing program consideration. One of housing problem solving partners can also help you problem solve your current housing situation and connect you to resources.

Download list of Coordinated Entry Access Points

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Are you experiencing housing instability?

If you live in Douglas, Sarpy, or Pottawattamie counties and are having difficulty paying your rent or mortgage there may be options, even if you aren’t at immediate risk of homelessness.  Rental assistance program vary by where you live, your income, and if your income was impacted by COVID. Click on on the link for your area to see if you’re eligible for CARES Act rental/mortgage assistance. If you’re not eligible for one of those programs, you may still be eligible for housing problem solving and related financial assistance. If you’re not eligible for CARES Act related assistance, you may be eligible for some assistance through our housing problem solving initiative.  Visit our housing partners page for participating organizations.

About us

The Metro Area Continuum of Care for the Homeless (MACCH) is a collective impact homeless services organization serving Douglas and Sarpy counties in Nebraska and Pottawattamie county in Iowa.   With a mission to strengthen the collective impact to end homelessness in our community, MACCH partners with many other individuals and groups in the community to help lead the way to homelessness.

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